De omnibus apostolis was written in homage 
of the Renaissance masters, Orlando di Lasso and Josquin Desprez.

The text comes from the Book of Hours according to the Use of Rome recorded in The Primer, or Office of the Blessed Virgin Marie, in Latin and English (Antwerp: Arnold Conings, 1599). The text is available in facsimile as The Latin and English, 1599, English Recusant Literature, 1588-1640, selected and edited by D.M. Rogers, vol. 262 (Ilkey, Yorkshire, and London: The Scolar Press, 1975).


De omnibus apostolis
ANTIPHON: Dum steteritis ante reges et praesides nolite cogitare qualiter respondeatis. Dabitur enim vobis in illa hora quid loquamini.
VERSUS: In omnem terram exivit sonus eorum.
RESPONSUS: Et in fines orbis terrae verba eorum.

ANTIPHON: When thou standest before kings and princes, do not wish to consider how thou shouldst respond. For it shall be given to thee in that hour what to say.
VERSE: Their voice has gone forth into all the earth.
REPSONSE: And their words unto the ends of the earth.